SIPS for homeowners

The NZ Building Code is the lowest standard a home can be built to. By using SIPS, the house is warmer, drier, stronger, and finished sooner.
2-5x the level of insulation required by code. If you're aiming for PassivHaus, this is the most economical way.
Starting at just a little more than building code minimum. Significantly cheaper than comparable products.
If you don't have a designer, we can help you with design, but we're also comfortable working with architects/designers/engineers.
If you have a design, send us something and we're happy to estimate. We also provide support to your designer and builder. When you're ready to go ahead, we provide full drawings of what will be made for approval before manufacture.
Need to know: SIPS buildings are much more air-tight, and you really should have a MHVR system (see FAQ)